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07.09.13 Coastal Chiropractic Clinic and Team Size takes on Tough Mudder! - Click here

26.08.12 Cockerham Triathlon (that I actually took part in!) - Click Here

20.05.12 St. Annes Triathlon results round up - Click here

20.05.12 St. Annes Triathlon, The Pool, St. Annes, Lancashire. - Click Here

18.05.12- 20.05.12 Edinburgh to the Eagle Charity Bike ride - Click Here

19.08.11 Coastal Chiropractic Clinic helps boxer Rick Turba and meets Ricky Hatton. - click here

20.09.2010 - Psycho John - Click Here

18.09.2010. - Coastal Chiropractic Clinic goes Coast to Coast. - Click Here

04.07.2010 - We made it!!! Click Here

04.07.2010 - Raising Money for Cry (Cardiac Risk in the Young) - Click here

04.06.10 - I had an unexpected meeting with a rather important person today! - Click Here

8.9.09 - Tower to Tower by Pedal Power - Click Here

16-07-09 YMCA Team join Tower to Tower Cycle Challenge - Click here

07.09.13 Coastal Chiropractic Clinic and Team Size takes on Tough Mudder!

For some crazy reason I accepted a challenge to take part in a Tough Mudder event. It consists of a 10-12 mile grueling obstacle course.
For those of you that know me, you will know that I am 50m swimming sprinter for Blackpool Aquatics. My races are over in 23-24 seconds! I am not a long distance endurance athlete in the slightest. And to make things worse I was told about this event two and a half weeks before it. That is not much time to get fit!!!

Basically the event is designed my Special Forces, over 12 miles (of which when we got there I found out was 12 miles of fell running!) with all sorts of imaginable obstacles to test your endurance, mental toughness, strength and team work with anyone who may need your help!
I decided to try and raise money for the North West Air Ambulance,, as they do a fantastic job and help a wide variety of people. Raising money for this charity will hopefully keep me going through what will be the biggest challenge of my life to date!

To be honest I have no idea if I will make the 10-12miles as I have never done any running in my life before so this will be something of test for me. Hopefully the air ambulance won't be called over to come and save me!
If want to learn a bit more about me head over to the Coastal Chiropractic Clinic, in St Annes or check the website at
Or if you would like to get in touch I am on twitter at adamcarlisle7 or call the clinic on 01253 727720/ 07906 832 156.
As a personal thank you if you donate, you will be entered into a free draw for either a Chiropractic Initial Consultation and 2 treatments, worth £100 or 2 free neck and back massages, worth £60! Also everyone that does donate can have a free spinal screen and health check.

See below for details.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

So please dig deep and donate now.

If you donate, please revisit this page once the donating time has ended to see if you have won the free draw as you will need to contact the clinic to arrange the appointment. With regards to the free spinal screen and health check, please contact the Coastal Chiropractic Clinic on 01253 727720 or 07906 832 156. Good luck!

The Big Day.
Team Size consisted of Luke (Mr Incredible), Joey, Ryan, Medium Dave, Westy, Me, Ryan, Gary (Batman), Sam, and (in the cover photo (left to right).

The course was a 12mile fell run, up and down hills, through woods and up heathers, swimming in ponds and crossing streams, in torrential rain and howling winds plus 23 grueling obstacles which were as follows:
1. Glory Blades (fence jumping)
2. Arctic Enema (jumping into a dumpster full of ice)
This was a bit chilly! Although after 2 miles of running my muscles actually quite enjoyed it!


Straight in to the mud we went and off to find our next obstacle!
3. Dirty Ballerina (jumping over trenches)
4. Boa Constrictor (crawling through mud and water filled pipes)
5. Hero Carry (carrying a team member for 100m)
6. Electric Eel (crawling through mud with electric wires above you shocking you)
7. Hero Walls (getting team mates over 12 foot high walls)
8. Island Hopping (crossing water on platforms)
9. Cage Crawl (crawling through cages filled with water)
10. Trench Warfare (crawling through mud filled tunnels)
11. Hold Your Wood (carrying logs)
12. Kiss of Mud (crawling through thick wet, mud with barbwire above you)
13. Underwater Tunnels (swimming in a pond and going underneath obstacles)
14. Walk the Plank (jump off a 5m high platform into freezing cold water)
15. Mud Mile (running through a mile of thick, deep, wet mud and scrambling over obstacles)

By the time we got here we weren’t the cleanest!
16. Funky Monkey (ascending and descending monkey bars)

17. Everest (getting the team up a quarter pipe)

Here’s Mr Incredible getting ready for his Everest ascent.

It required team work to get up here if you didn’t get a good footing to run and jump!

Although sometimes we just couldn’t reach!

And we even ending helping up some randomer who didn’t seem to have a team to help him!

All the team made it up and over Everest as did some ‘photobomber’ in the background!
18. Electroshock Therapy (running through electrically charged wires)

The wires seemed to be either on or off, and as you can see here just I’d reached the end I got electrocuted, flung into the air and flat on my face in the mud!

As did Mr Incredible too!

Plus course hazards.
We had a fantastic team ethic, and if we had a man struggling we waited and helped them through tiredness, injury and muscle spasms to reach the end!

With me being a Chiropractor I ended up not just helping my own team members but also other fallen participants along the way with injuries and advice, which was nice to be able to help.
It was the most challengingly and tough event I have ever done, and yet one of the greatest and satisfying days of my life. Team Size worked fantastically together and we all had a superb weekend.

Tough Mudder did a great job, but Team Size beat it!

Congratulations to Nathan Peacock. He has been chosen at random for the prize of his choice. Please contact the clinic!

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26.08.12 Cockerham Triathlon (that I actually took part in!)

When we arrived on the day we were greeted with this view of the quarry that I had to swim in. It was muddy, very very very wet and windy. Not good!

Thankfully it cleared!

I started the event off with the swim in a murky, dark and cold quarry. It was a good fun actually. And I was chuffed to find out I was the fastest swimmer of the day! I clocked 5.25minutes which I was happy with for a first time out door race.


Westy then had the cycle to do through cow pat filled fields and slippery roads. He did a solid ride in 36.27 minutes. He had a great time and liked the adventure of it all.

Dave was our saviour of the day. A team mate pulled out at the last minute with the race starting at 2. I called Dave at 11.45am, still cosy in bed over in St. Annes, asking him to race for us! He accepted my challenge and ran 27.37 minutes in muddy off road conditions through fields and on road. It certainly woke him up!

We came 15th overall but 5th out of all the teams.

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20.05.12 St Annes Triathlon

The clinic had 2 competitors taking part in the competition. Elizabeth Waller was racing to raise money for charity and Andy Bray was racing to see how well he could do.

The 400m swim at the YMCA St Annes swimming pool very went well for both participants. The swim was Libby’s strongest event which she excelled in. Andy also had an impressive round in the pool.

Next up was the 12miles bike ride. Thankfully the winds were none existent. Andy is a seasoned pro when it comes to triathlon and he certainly looked the part on the bike! It was Libby’s first ever triathlon so had a slightly different bike and technique to Andy.

The last and final leg was 5km run up and down the promenade. Both competitors had to dig deep for this stage. Andy was in a great position going from the bike into the run. Libby had made great time and actually did a personal best time in her cycle. The run was to be her next challenge.

I was on hand for encouragement as Libby went round Fairhaven Lake. Both runners completed the run stage, again with Libby smashing her personal best time. Andy had a great run stage and ended up finishing in an impressive 3rd position overall and the 1st veteran over the finish line.

Libby raised a superb £299 beating her target of £250 which was fantastic.

Well done to Libby and Andy for a great day of competition and completing the tough challenge!

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20.05.12 St. Annes Triathlon, The Pool, St. Annes, Lancashire.

Elizabeth Waller is competing the St. Annes Triathlon on Sunday 20th May. This invloves a pool swim of 400m, a cruelling cycle of 12 miles and a 5k run.

She is raising money for Zoes Place which run the only babies hospices in the UK caring for babies between 0 and 5 years old with multiple special needs and life limiting illnesses.

Zoes Place Baby Hospice, Easter Way, Coventry, CV7 9JG, Zoes Place Baby Hospice Coventry

Registered Charity No: 1092545

For those of you who know me well you'll know that I currently can't run 1km without getting a stich and I haven't owned a bike in a good 10 years...the only thing I can do is swim! The race involves 400m swim, then 20km bike ride and finally a 5km run. Needless to say this event is going to be a HUGE challenge for me so please dig deep and sponsor such a worthwhile cause.
Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page.
Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer. So it’s the most efficient way to donate - I raise more, whilst saving time and cutting costs for the charity.


Fingers crossed the winds will be non existant for her on the day!

If would like to sponsor Libby then pop along to the link below

Good luck to Libby and to all the other participants taking part!

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18.05.12- 20.05.12 Edinburgh to the Eagle Charity Bike ride


From 18 to 20 May this year, myself and about 18 other riders will be cycling from Edinburgh to The Eagle & Child pub, a journey of approximately 240 miles over three days.

I will be raising money for Macmillan, who as I am sure you know support people with cancer. Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. They provide practical, medical, emotional and financial support and push for better cancer care. One in three of us will get cancer. Two million of us are living with it. We are all affected by cancer. We can all help……This is in memory of close friend Jim Bannister. A great cyclist, skier,sailor & mountaineer who we sadly lost this year. Jim lead by example and inspired many of us to get out in the mountains and have fun!
Please pass this on to anybody who knew Jim or knows Me that I may of missed

You undoubtedly get many requests for support but if you can visit my page, see below,  and make even a small donation that would be fantastic.
Thank you in advance for your support – I am trying to raise £2,000 and the team are trying to raise loads more….
Wish me luck in training!!

Graham Bell

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19.08.11 Coastal Chiropractic Clinic helps boxer Rick Turba and meets Ricky Hatton.

The crowds were coming into the Blackpool Tower Circus. The noise was beginning to rise. The adrenalin was starting to pump. Myself and Ricks support team, led by Sam Betts were helping him prepare for his bout below the ring area. Having visited the Tower Circus many years ago as a child it was very cool being backstage beneath the circus arena.

Here is Rick warming up and preparing.


The fight did not quite go according to plan. Ricks opponent hit Rick with a one heavy punch that knocked Rick to his knees.

However, Rick just bounced up and went after his foe. With this knock down in his favour, his opponent just kept backing away from Rick’s offence as to avoid any telling hits.

Unfortunately due to this Rick did not recover the points needed to level the contest and could not catch his opponent with a thunderous hit as all he did was run away! 

It was a shame the match went the path that it did as Rick was in great shape.

The final bout of the evening had Matthew Hatton, the younger brother of Ricky Hatton. Ricky was wondering around backstage and I had the chance for a quick pic!

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20.09.2010 - Psycho John

On our way home from the Coast to Coast, we passed a guy on a pink bike. As we stopped to take some photos the cyclist caught us up. He stopped to have a chat and it turned out he is cycling from Cambridge, to John O’Groats to Lands End and then to London for CLIC Sargent for Children with Cancer.
In total 2200miles in 34 day!!!

Due to this incredible ride and his effort I said I would add him on here to try and help him raise more.

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18.09.2010. - Coastal Chiropractic Clinic goes Coast to Coast.
Two of my best friends, Daniel ‘Westy’/ ‘D’Animal’ West and Kendrick ‘Kenny’/ ‘the InKenible Hull’ Hull decided they needed a challenge so they decided it would be a good idea to cross Scotland, from one coast to the other. They entered the Nokia Coast to Coast

Having looked at the route and seeing too long runs involved I decided to help them out and support them rather than do it myself. My body works better in water, swimming, rather than on land and running!

This was the route they had to take:

                                                                                        And this was the team: Kenny, Westy and Adam.

They started at 7am on the Saturday morning from Nairn:

                                                                                        For the 7mile run:

Then it was on to the bikes for a 38 mile cycle. The Scottish heavens opened up and so the waterproofs had to come out.

I managed to find the two of them out of 1000 competitors and that meant I could ride near to them and share the trip.

I, thankfully, had the luxury of a nice warm car and was the supply man for them!

Down the road from here, the road became a monster. The hill climb was huge so I went for a ride up it myself!

Although I may actually have driven up to the top, unfastened my bike and had a sneaky pic taken of me up here haha!

The descent down was worth the effort it had taken to get to the top. Once at the bottom they had a short run to the kayak stage at Fort Augustus on Loch Ness. I decided to give them a pacer so rode ahead of them, shouting abuse at them! This seemed to speed them up a little. Haha.

Just before the Kayak:

                                                                                         Kayaking Loch Ness:
Thankfully Nessy did not claim any victims!

The end of day 1 at Fort Augustus: The tent was a welcome relaxation
Day 2 started with a 33mile cycle on and off road.

                                                                                        And a 14mile run/trek around Ben Nevis:

Again the heavens were open today. I could not join guys today as the bike ride was mainly off road, so had to wait at the finish line. Realising I could be there for while, and not being able to contact them, I made a shelter to keep out of the rain in a great position to watch them arrive on the kayak:

It worked so well I even had people wanting to share it with me! The survival experts on TV would have been proud of me.

Meanwhile up in the hills somewhere they guys were making their way through the hills. The Loch that they had to kayak through to finish was finally in sight!

The rain was still pounding down. Eventually we saw them paddling hard. They seemed to have burst of adrenaline and energy and were passing other kayaks, powering to the finish line leaving others in their wake:

Covered in mud from the mountain biking and hill trekking, soaking wet in rain and loch water, surviving punctures and broken chains, blood and sweat, the finish line was crossed:

All done:

After a hard weekends work we decided to treat ourselves and find a hotel for the night instead of our cold, wet tent. We found a fantastic hotel next to Loch Linnhe.

It was late when we called and we would like to thank the owners for their hospitality, friendliness and for being so helpful. Our thanks especially go out to David for all his efforts and the adventures he took us on.

Westy, Kenny, David and Adam at the Lodge on the Loch.

On the way back we spotted the mountain they had come down to finish...

I captured this cracking photo:

I would like to say congratulations to Kenny and Westy, and all other competitors, on taking part in the challenge.
We had an unforgettable adventure!

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The Mongol Rally.
One of my best friends Matt, and his cousin Jason, are attempting to raise as much money as possible for the Christina Noble Children's Foundation by taking part in the Mongol Rally 2010.

If you like to help them, or find out more about their adventure, please visit

04.07.2010 - We made it!!!

Due to taking a few ‘scenic’ routes 80miles turned into 100miles.

We started the journey from the University of Glamorgan, in South Wales where we attended. The team consisted on Amy ‘Pyrex’ Young, Kat ‘Narna’ Williams, Adam ‘Yeti’ Carlisle, James ‘Jamsey’ Aldred and James ‘Trigger’ Padden,.

Our path took us from...
Outside our University:                                                        To where I studied Chiropractic:

Past where I used to swim train whilst at uni, at Pontypridd Swimming Club in Hawthorn:
                                                                                       Over to Caerphilly Castle:

Using various techniques along the way, as Amy shows here:

                                                                                        Through new unknown places:

Down through Newport and past the transporter bridge:

                                                                                        We were following the Cycle Route 4:

Over the M4 toll into Wales:

                                                                                        Across the Severn Bridge:
Finally into England:

Needing a rest we stayed the night at half way, with only 30miles to do on day 2, or so we thought! Here is Amy checking on Kat!

We stayed at The Old Piggery, in Aust. We would like to say a huge thanks for looking after us at such short notice.

I had to tape up for day 2 as the knees were being an issue; my Kinesio Taping helped a lot.

                                                                                        We climbed some big hills along the way!

This was a nice site!

                                                                                        We had worked hard,

But to see this was worth it...!

                                                                                       I managed a top speed of...
100miles complete!

This was at Leanne’s old watering hole, the Black Bear in Tewksbury where a great reception was waiting to greet us. Thanks for all of those that turned up, it nice to see as we arrived.

Yeti, Narna, Pyrex, Jamsey and Trigger. We raised a fantastic £1100 for the Cardiac Risk in the Young.

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04.07.2010 - Raising Money for Cry (Cardiac Risk in the Young)

HEAD OFFICE: Unit 7 Epsom Downs Metro Centre, Waterfield, Tadworth, Surrey KT20 5LR
Please sponsor: (Name) Adam Carlisle
(Home Address) Coastal Chiropractic Clinic (Postcode) FY8 1PS
To take part in the event Treforest to Tewksbury, 80mile bike ride on Date July 3rd/ 4th 2010.
In memory of Leanne Haddrell.

    “Leanne was a good, special friend of mine when I was at the University off Glamorgan. We were part of the swimming and water polo team and had many crazy times!
    Before Leanne graduated, she had a bout of tonsillitis and the infection passed on to her heart and she sadly passed away. A few of us are doing a cycle ride in honour of Leanne who was one of the nicest, funniest, kindest persons I have ever met. Unfortunately she supported Liverpool FC!!

Adam has agreed to take part in the named event in aid of Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). Your kind
support will be of great value to our charity’s aims.
Every week in the UK at least 12 apparently ‘fit and healthy’ young people (under 35) die of undiagnosed heart conditions. That is 600 deaths a year and this is likely to be a conservative estimate.
Help CRY prevent these tragedies

CRY raises awareness of young sudden cardiac death (YSCD) and offers support to families who have been affected by this. CRY runs a number of regular screening clinics and mobile heart testing programmes within local communities and also contributes to medical research.

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04.06.10 - I had an unexpected meeting with a rather important person today!

I was sat on the train going to London to attend a course, when I noticed a lot of big guys in suits in my carriage. I guessed there was someone of some importance on my train but thought nothing of it. I had work to do so opened up my laptop and got stuck in.

About half way into the journey I heard a conductor say to one of his colleagues, “I can’t believe Mr Cameron’s on here!” My ears pricked up but I got back into my work.

As we were getting closer to London, the word must have spread. A few of the big guys came rushing up my carriage as people were trying to enter our compartment, and they were preventing them from coming in.

One of the big guys sat next to me and we began to chat. He turned out to be rather high up in his job, although I cannot reveal his name! As we chatted, I eventually asked him if it was true that Prime Minister was on board and he said, “Well yeah, he’s a few rows in front of you!” Obviously I thought this was fantastic, but played it cool.

We chatted some more and I thought I would be cheeky and asked him if I could get a business card signed by David himself! He said that he would go and find out and disappeared down the carriage and I back into my work.

I heard a voice say, “Good afternoon Adam” and I looked up and said “O hi there Mr Cameron, how you doing?!” I stood up and shook his hand and we began to chat. I explained how I had recently opened up Coastal Chiropractic Clinic in St Annes and started my own business. He said how it was good that I had the drive, determination and ambition to do that especially in the current times which obviously I took as a massive compliment coming from him.

We began to talk about how President Obama is a big advocate for Chiropractic and would like it to be used more in America. I asked Mr Cameron if he had been to see a Chiropractor in the past and he said he had not. We spoke about the benefits of Chiropractic and how it can help improve the quality of people’s lives. I explained that my aim for the Coastal Chiropractic Clinic is to help as many people as possible and to try and be “proactive” rather than “reactive” and he said that is the best way to be!

We chatted some more and then had this photo taken...

Unfortunately the train moved a wee bit as it was taken so it is not crystal clear. He signed my business card which is proudly in the reception of Coastal Chiropractic Clinic. We shook hands and wished each other well. As Mr Cameron went to make his way back to his seat, I tapped him on the shoulder and as he turned round I gave him a business card, and said “If you ever need my help, give me a bell!”

A few more stories rose from that day but they can be saved for another time.

I would like to say a big thank you to the big guy, who cannot be named, that made meeting the Prime Minister, David Cameron possible and also to Mr Cameron for making the time to come over, meet and chat with me.
It has made a great story to tell people about and my family, friends and patients loved it! After all it is not every day that you get to meet one of the most important people in the world is it!?

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8.9.09 - Tower to Tower by Pedal Power
Three members of the Fylde Coast YMCA ‘Y’ Active Team have successfully completed an epic 492 mile, 6 day Charity Cycle ride from the Eiffel Tower to Blackpool Tower.

The YMCA cycle team comprising of Mike Vernon, Paul Reeves and Graham Oatridge formed part of a 50 strong group taking part in the Tower to Tower challenge organised by North West radio station ‘Rock FM’. The challenge raised over £30,000 for ‘Cash for Kids’ a grant making charity that raises  money for disabled and disadvantaged children in the North West.

The final day of the challenge saw the team fight against torrential wind and rain to complete the last leg of the journey a 72 mile ride from Chester to Blackpool Tower.  Battling on, the team cycled down the waterfront parade of Blackpool to be congratulated by charity representatives, organisers, Friends and Family.

From left to right:

Mike Vernon, Dr Adam Carlisle, Graham Oatridge, George and Paul Reeves.

Mike Vernon, Fylde Coast Wyre Leisure Director said:

“One particular part of the trip was like an SAS selection weekend, which involved cycling 100 miles to catch the Ferry at Caen in Normandy, taking a quick shower at a local hotel, packing your cycling gear ready to ride off the Ferry once back in the UK and then cycling another 100 miles to Oxford.  This was hard enough but the signage was poor at Caen and we ended up cycling an extra 10 miles!”

Graham Oatridge, Fylde Coast YMCA Y Active Manager added:

“The best part was when we reached Blackpool and people who realised who we were shouted encouragement and congratulations. Once we arrived at the Tower I thought it was really impressive that such a varied group of people, in terms of fitness levels, had made it all the way from Paris to Blackpool under their own steam.

The team would like to thank everyone who sponsored them and local companies Happy Creative, Fylde Autoparts and Beaverbrooks who agreed to Sponsor the teams shirts. 

From left to right:

Mike Vernon, Dr Adam Carlisle, Graham Oatridge, Paul Reeves and George.

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16-07-09 YMCA Team join Tower to Tower Cycle Challenge

From Tower to Tower by Pedal power!

From left to right:
Mike Vernon, Dr Adam Carlisle, Paul Reeves and Graham Oatridge.
Three members of the Fylde Coast YMCA ‘Y’ Active Team are gearing up for the ride of their lives, cycling from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Blackpool Tower to raise money for the Charity ‘Cash for Kids’. 

The riders leave Paris at 7am on Sunday 23rd August with a 450 mile, six day challenge ahead of them.

The Tower to Tower challenge organised by Rock FM will raise money for ‘Cash for Kids’ a grant making charity that raises money for disabled and disadvantaged children in the Rock FM broadcast area.  The Tower to Tower Challenge will raise £30,000 for ‘Cash for Kids’ to fund a project in collaboration with the Children’s Society, which will help children as young as seven years old who are living on the streets of Lancashire.

From left to right:
George, Dr Adam Carlisle, Graham Oatridge and Paul Reeves.

The Fylde Coast YMCA Cycle team consisting of Mike Vernon, Paul Reeves and Graham Oatridge are currently in training for the event, which is one of many recent challenges they have undertaken for charity including a swim across Lake Windermere and the Manchester to Blackpool Cycle challenge.
Mike Vernon, Fylde Coast YMCA Wyre Leisure Director said:
“We are all keen cyclists and as soon as we heard about the Tower to Tower challenge we wanted to get involved.  The Cash for Kids charity is a brilliant cause and one we felt held similar principles to that of the Fylde Coast YMCA.  Myself, Paul and Graham are currently in intensive training for the event and as well as extended rides we are using the YMCA leisure facilities and especially the spinning bikes!”
Adam Carlisle of the Coastal Chiropractic Clinic in St. Annes has agreed to support the Team in their challenge by providing free Chiropractic support.  Adam Added;
“When I heard that Mike, Graham and Paul were volunteering themselves to ride from tower to tower I thought I would offer my services and provide them with Chiropractic care to help them with their mammoth challenge.
‘I know from my own personal experience how much Chiropractic can help with sports performance and fitness, and I aim to play a role in helping them achieve their goals and ultimately raising the funds for ‘Cash for Kids’.

From left to right:

Paul Reeves, Mike Vernon and Graham Oatridge.

The final day of the challenge will see the team complete the last leg of the journey which is a 72 mile ride form Chester to Blackpool Tower. The team will cycle down the waterfront parade of Blackpool, with the sight of the Tower spurring them to complete the 450 mile trip.
The team would like to thank everyone who has contributed so far and would like to encourage people to donate no matter how little  to help local disadvantaged children.
If you would like to sponsor the Fylde Coast YMCA team sponsorship forms are available from all of the Fylde Coast YMCA centres and sponsorship can be made online on the team’s just giving page

Fylde Coast YMCA is a local charity, affiliated to YMCA England. We work in partnership with public, private and voluntary sector organisations to build stronger communities by providing opportunities for personal and social development for local people and their families.

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