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Forever Living at Coastal Chiropractic Clinic.              

Why do we stock Forever Living Products at CCC?  If you would like order anything scroll down below!

About two years ago (2012) Adam saw a dad of one of his friends at a swimming competition. The last time he had seen the man, he had been using walking aids, looked in terrible pains all the time and generally did not look in good health. He had been this way for years!

At the swimming competition he looked a completely different guy. He was walking unaided, looked happy and healthy.

Adam was very curious, so went over to speak to him to see how he was so much better. He said he had been taking a drink called Forever Freedom and it had changed his life! Adam was sceptical how a drink could make such a difference but always has an open mind to new things, especially if they improve people’s lives.

A few months later, Adam again saw the gentleman at another swimming competition. Again he was walking around happy as Larry! Adam needed to get some more information about this drink so went over for a chat. After talking about the Forever Freedom he went home and looked into it. He found a lot of positive stories about it online so though he would give it a try for himself.

Adams Experience

From years of doing sports and after a few snowboard incidents I have had achy knees, nothing majorly bad, just annoying. I decided to give Forever Freedom a try. Within a week my knees felt miles better. The aches and discomfort had gone.

Having seen the results with my friend’s dad and the improvement I had with it, I decided to bring it into Coastal Chiropractic Clinic and see how it helped patients.

Just like my friend’s dad, patients have noticed dramatic improvements:
A lady has been able to sew again as it has helped their fingers and hands so much.
A piano teacher has noticed playing the piano has felt easier and less painful.
Stairs for people have become less of a pain in their knees.

These are just a few positives patients have told me, we have had really good improvements with people.

The great thing about the Forever Freedom is that the company, Forever Living, gives a 60 money back policy if in case you are not satisfied with the product.


“Before taking Forever Freedom I was considering a knee replacement because at times I was suffering with excruciating pain. Forever Freedom has reduced my pain levels to a manageable degree which means the knee operation is most definitely postponed!” Silvia Wright aged 87.

“After hearing of the benefits my mum gained from taking Forever Freedom I decided to give it to my dog who was starting to have problems going up steps and jumping onto her favourite chair. It was virtually miraculous and since starting to take the liquid my dog has returned to her former self.” Gill Erskine.

“Thank you for recommending Forever Freedom. It has made a great difference. I am able to walk without a walking stick now and makes it easier to walk.” Jenny Lambert.

What is Forever Freedom?
(Product number 196)

It is a drink with all the nutrients of Aloe Vera Gel combined with glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM, this delicious orange-flavoured drink is ideal for those interested in mobility. It contains vitamin C which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and provides great nutritional support for sports and active lifestyles.

How much is it?

A bottle costs £28.40.

This may sound expensive but as my friend’s dad said “it has changed my life, so I worth every penny!”

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How do I get hold of it?

The drink can be bought at Coastal Chiropractic Clinic. If you would like some please call the clinic on 01253 72772001253 727720 to make sure some is in stock.

If you would like to order any other products:

Please call Coastal Chiropractic Clinic or head to
Then go to “retail shop”
Choose what you would like to purchase.
When you enter the checkout, in the DISTRIBUTOR ID box enter the following number

440500003345                (Without doing this you cannot complete the order!)
And carry on to order.

If you have any questions please contact the Coastal Chiropractic Clinic!