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Would you like to save and maybe make MONEY!?

Over the past few years Adam has had many patients telling him about a company, which they have all said is fantastic, called the Utility Warehouse.

They have all advised him to look into it. Some of the people were purely customers of the Utility Warehouse and some had built their own business by becoming distributors for the Utility Warehouse to earn extra income.

The CCC had managed to reduce its costs so dramatically by switching its utilities over to the Utility Warehouse that it gave Adam an idea.

The start!

Adam had saved a lot of money by switching over the CCC to the Utility Warehouse, so he switched over his home too. He trialled it, and all was great.

An idea!

His idea was to sign up to become a distributor for the company to try and help save his family, friends and patients money. In October 2013 he set the wheels in motion and now wishes he had done it a lot sooner than he did!

Initaillay after trialling it on himself and the CCC, he signed his mum up to it. She loved it. She saved money and loved the cashback card, which means she gets money, that she would normally spend in shops on a day to day basis, back into her account! Bonus!

Adam then signed up his girlfriend's parents up. They saved money, loved the super fast broadband and were really happy with the company too!

Having tried it on a few people, Adam decided to bring it in to CCC to help patients...

Saved people money!

He has managed to help patients, family and his friends shed pounds off their monthly utility bills which enables them to free up cash for holidays, trips away and whatever they desire to spend the savings they have made on. The amounts have varied from £50 up to £1800.


People's comments...

"The one bill for our gas, electric, broadband, telephone and mobile means keeping track of everything is SO simple!"

"We saved a load of money which we now spend on meals out, going to the cimema and whatever we need to!"

"Customer service is really quick, friendly and helpful"

"The switch over was nice and simple and didn't cause any hassle for me!"

"I would recommend Utility Warehouse to other people!!

Benefits include:

Great GOLD Bundles; helping you save money!

One SINGLE monthly statement; an end to lots of seperate bills!

A fantastic CASHBACK CARD; helps brings your bills down and receive cash back on your day to day shopping!

Award winning CUSTOMER SERVICE; a very helpful and friendly team there to help you!


Plus many more benefits!


Make money!

A few of the people he has helped have even decided to become distributors with the aim to help their families, friends and work colleagues to save money too and also to become their own boss!

It has enabled them to earn extra income, in their own time and by working as much or as little as they desire. The harder they work the greater the opportunity it is for them!

If your interested in possibly saving and making money!

If you would like Adam to see if he can help you, work your way through the questions below, email him the answers and he will get back to you as soon as he can!