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A few patients have been nice enough to write a piece about their experiences of Chiropractic...

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Neck and Headaches
Lower Back


Neck and Headaches

‘Since coming to see Adam my neck and shoulder tension has decreased and consequently my headaches have been less frequent. Adam is incredibly professional and I would recommend anyone visit him for an appointment.’
Laura Wigglesworth

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As a keen horse rider, mountain biker, skier and snowboarder my back does take a lot of knocks - unfortunately I don’t manage to stay upright all of the time!

I have been on the hunt for a good chiropractor for some time and I am so pleased to have found Adam. I was having severe pain in my neck that had become constant and I was having trouble sleeping. There was an immediate improvement after just one session and after a couple of weeks I could feel a huge improvement in movement as well as being in considerably less pain.

Adam was also able to do some work on my knee, which was swollen from an old injury, using Kinesio tape. It reduced the pain and swelling almost overnight and I was extremely impressed.

Unfortunately, I had go back abroad as the ski season was starting but I am hoping to get back to the UK during the Winter for some maintenance and I will definitely be returning in the Spring for further treatment with Adam. Sports are a large part of my life and in the past doctors have told me to either put up with the pain or to stop doing sports. For me, this isn’t an option and it’s great to know that Adam can help me to keep doing the sports that I love.

Warm Regards,
Victoria Christopher

To whom it may concern,

I first discovered Adam's skills because his St Annes chiropractic clinic is on the same street as my flat.

Since working on and offshore with a 4 kg data collector repeatedly slung over my left shoulder I'd suffered progressively from cramping in one of my left neck muscles which, over the years had spread to other muscles in my shoulder which had even resulted in near uselessness of my left arm - but only from time-to-time. At these times it felt to be the weight of molten lead, with the pain to match. When this faded there was the ever-present 'tight' neck muscle, which could wake me at night as, on turning over in bed, I would have to use an arm to support my head during the manoeuvre to avoid further pain. I moved my bed to avoid suspected draughts at night. Work was affected as long-distance motorway driving to various sites was painful if prolonged. I could not hold my head upright for long without cramping up. My GP had prescribed pain-killers with no other alternative treatment to suggest.

Adam initially gave me a thorough quizzing on my medical status and history while also being interested in my assessment of my condition, which lead him to determine a course of action to alleviate my problems. I agreed to embark on a course of therapy, mostly massage with gentle but progressive exercises for my neck and posture in between visits. An 'emergency' ice pack also proved useful at home. I could feel the benefit of the initial massage and manipulation immediately - I honestly felt 5 kilos lighter. I am a 56 year old male with no weight issues.

Although the original neck muscle is still rather stiff occasionally, the periodic treatment from Adam is holding it at bay. I now have no problem turning my head to a cool part of the pillow in bed without waking - a pleasure beyond price! I can lift and carry and rotate my head to the left to check for traffic, all at the same time if I want!. I wish I'd found Adam far sooner as, not only would I have avoided the pain, I'd have made my life a lot more enjoyable with scope for different sports and past-times years ago.

Anyway, I've got into fishing and my casting technique continues to improve.......


Paul Fisher

Concerning Adam Carlisle
Coastal Chiropractic Clinic
I started visiting Adam in February 2012 after seeing his advert in the local newspaper.  I had been having left sided cluster migraines and face pain for the last three years really struggling at work and nothing seemed to help. I had seen two neurologists at BVH but still suffered from pain most days despite many changes in medication. From seeing Adam my symptoms are the best they have been in a long time and I feel a fantastic improvement in myself. 
Adam has a cheerful, pleasant and professional attitude and puts you straight at ease from the minute you meet him.

After six weeks treatment I am now attending clinic fortnightly soon to be monthly.
I would recommend Adam to anyone in any pain as I am sure he will be able to help
Sallie Lloyd
Staff Nurse


Adam Carlisle listened and applied his professional skills to remedy a completely stiff body, lower back and swollen knees after years of standing long hours on a hard floor as a cook.
I play at lot of tennis and feel much more agile thanks to several treatments from Adam and even managed to mount and ride a camel in Tunisia in March 2010 without too much difficulty.
Mrs Paula Goodwin, Age 58   May 2010.


Lower Back



I would like to express great thanks for your help and support over the last few months.

I have suffered on and off with back pain for the last ten years and gradually the off was getting less and less, from the start of 2014 I had suffered daily with back pain, unable to walk long distances and finding it near impossible to stand in a queue for longer than 10 minutes. After approaching you in July (by mistake) my back has improved 100% and in the last 3 weeks have not had to take any pain relief. I have also started running….. which I have never done. I started the couch to 5k and I can now run 1.5 miles in 21 mins without stopping, I am improving at such a rate that when I see you on my next appointment I will have run for 30 mins without stopping.

I have lost weigh I’m much fitter but most important I’m pain free most of the time.

Thanks again for all your help over the last 8 weeks or so….

Maria aged 45



Dear All,

I started having a painful lower back approximately a year ago (reasons unknown). It affected my running and general daily activities.

Having seen a doctor I was referred to a physiotherapist, but despite having treatment and consultations with them for about 8 months, I noticed very little improvement (if any). I then decided to use a chiropractor as an alternative method.

I started seeing Adam at Coastal Chiropractic Clinic 5 weeks ago, and have had marked improvement, even from day 1.

After my first visit I could move around freely, I was really surprised how effective it was. I have had repercussions of my pains, but Adam sorts them every time I visit, and if I were to continue seeing him I’m sure it would just get better and better.

Unfortunately I am leaving the area, but Adam has given me a contact of another chiropractor where I am moving to, whom I shall definitely start seeing.

I would also like to add, that to anyone who is thinking of using a chiropractor, it was a pain free experience. I have sung its praises to my friends, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Peter Matthews

Age 28
6th May 2010
15th February 2010




E Mail from son whilst on holiday ‘BOOK ME IN TO SEE A CHIROPRACTER FOR WHEN I GET HOME’.

Having met Adam and his skeleton at a horse show, I thought just the man. I will send Chris first as I had been contemplating my own back problem, but had not done anything about it. Also Chris could let me know what the treatment was like.

Chris saw Adam on his return and said to me that I would benefit too if I went to him. His neck felt great. Chris is now on a maintenance programme.

Consequently I went to Adam and cannot believe how the treatment was so effective so quickly, it was a fantastic feeling and such a relief not to have awful pain.

I am on maintenance now and visit the practice every three weeks. I continue with the exercises that Adam gave me to do which are also very beneficial especially to continue with my lifestyle and stay as active as possible.

Having not known a great deal about what a chiropractor does I feel the treatment is the most effective and keeps me in good shape. Very glad Adam came to our horse show and my son asked to go and I followed in his footsteps.

Thank you Adam

Debbie Edwards and Son Chris Edwards

Concerning Adam Carlisle B.Sc (Hons) Chiro. 

St Andrews Road South
St. Annes on Sea.

I take pleasure in writing this testimonial to the professionalism and to the effective and beneficial treatment that I have received at the (strong) hands of Adam at his clinic.

I have had a history of back problems that go back to the early 1960,s and which were the result of unintentional misuse of the back muscles and spine.

Since that time I have attended Victoria Hospital where I was fitted with a steel-ribbed corset to fix my torso in a rigid position where it could not bend.

I later attended the physiotherapy clinic at Fleetwood hospital because at the time I was unable to get out of bed and I was given a course of treatment which did help the problem at the time.  My back was X-rayed prior to this treatment.

I have been taking various pain killing tablets prescribed by the doctors which did stop the pain but didn’t treat the core of the problem.

The treatment at Adam’s clinic in the short period of a few weeks has identified the core of the problem and corrected the offending misalignment of my back, muscles and hip and I now have no pain. I am able to attend four or five Yoga classes each week and work in my garden growing organic produce. I am 81 years old and to be pain free at this age is wonderful.

Harold Hey

To Adam Carlisle,

Coastal Chiropractic Clinic.

On the 18th August, 2007, I found myself in deep trouble with severe pain and spasm in my lower back, all because I lifted a bag of compost the wrong way.

An appointment was made with Adam at the Clinic, and after finding out were the problem was, treatment started immediately.

As we progressed through my treatment very quickly my pain and discomfort diminished.

After a short time and through the 3 stages of care we entered into a six week maintenance and prevention programme.

Through previous visits and Adams exercise regime, I now enjoy a very healthy back.

I wish to thank Adam for the continued help and guidance that he has given me. 

Yours sincerely,

Janet Soulsby.
November 2010
We started visiting Adam after Jo hurt her back lifting our new baby Noah out of his cot. Noah was having some problems too, and Adam offered to have a look. We’d never heard of a newborn baby having chiropractic but after a couple of sessions we could definitely see an improvement. With Jo’s back feeling much better as well, I thought I’d give Adam a try, as I’d recently had a in constant pain in my back, plus I’d had problem for years with trapped nerves in my neck.
6 months later and we’re all feeling loads better. We’re still seeing Adam once a month for ‘cracking into shape’. Noah always comes back relaxed and happy from his sessions, and as a result we’re more relaxed and happy.
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adam’s chiropractic treatment to anyone, not only for the obvious benefits of a pain-free back, but also for the relaxation and general wellbeing that goes with it. Adam’s a great guy, really friendly and very good at his job.
Thanks from all of us!
Jamie, Jo and Noah Fenwick

I had back ache for a long time especially doing certain jobs for example packing a suitcase or bending over for more than a few minutes. I helped my husband move a video cabinet and the pain went a lot worse. It was as though someone was stabbing me with a red hot knife. My GP sent me for Xrays and was told I had a lot of wear and tear in my lower spine.

I was referred to a consultant who said I had a tipped pelvis and offered me a caudal epidural injection which I declined as he said he could not guarantee it would work. I had a small lift put on my left shoe and the pain subsided a little. I then went on to have physio, acupuncture and osteopathy none of which did me any good.

I later found Adam at Coastal Chiropractic Clinic and he has been treating me for the last 12 months. I find his treatment very beneficial. I see him every 5/6 weeks and the relief I get is
unbelievable. I know I cannot be cured but with his adjustment I can live with my condition quite comfortably. I am very grateful to Adam and would certainly recommend him to anyone in fact I don't know what I would do without his treatment.

Mrs M. Kenwright.
Aged 70.

16th November 2010
To begin with I would just like to give a brief outline of how I sustained an injury to my back.
I am 78 years old but in my heart and mind I feel like I am still 21! Unfortunately, my body does not have the same strength and resistance that it did when I was younger and this is how it all began. One day in September 2009 I was cleaning the kitchen and thought it was a good idea to move our microwave, which is a heavy combination model so that I could give it a good clean underneath. Rather than waiting for my daughter to return home from work, I took it upon myself to move it myself. However, instead of sliding it over to the other side of the worktop, I lifted it up and instantly felt something in my back give way.
I had never felt pain like this in my back before and as I couldn’t move, I had to call my GP out for a home visit. She gave me some painkillers and told me to rest. I tried taking the pain killers for a day or so, but they were that potent that I felt unsteady on my feet and very light headed. I therefore decided to stop the painkillers and try some holistic treatment.
I attended for holistic treatment until July 2010. I did gain some relief but this was very short lived (2 days maximum relief) and the pain would quickly return to quite a high severity. Following this, as my symptoms had still not subsided and they were getting me down, I thought I would try chiropractic treatment.
It took a lot for me to make this decision and I felt very apprehensive but I believed it was the right move to make next. I wasn’t sure if this would resolve my symptoms and had a doubt in my mind as to whether it would irritate them to be a lot worse. I was also very worried that the treatment would be painful. By this time I was desperate, every day I would have constant back pain and it was getting to the point where I did not know what to do with myself. Simple everyday tasks like walking to the shops which are only a few yards from our home to baking had become unbearable due to the pain.
I made an appointment to see Adam. He was very understanding, very kind and very gentle. He has a great knowledge and experience which shines through and it made me have confidence in him and his skills. The treatment itself wasn’t painful at all. I attended treatment twice weekly for 7 weeks. I was greatly surprised as to my progress within this time and how my symptoms had resolved.
This takes me up to September and by this time I was pain free for the first time in a year. In mid September Adam phoned me to ask if I had forgotten that I had an appointment booked with him. I apologized greatly and told him that I had forgotten all about my appointment as I had no pain.
I am so appreciative to Adam for his time and expertise. Without his help I would still have constant back pain. He has most definitely worked wonders with me.
Thanks a million Adam!



Adam has helped to relieve the pain in my right shoulder; his treatment has contributed to more mobility and movement.

He also identified a problem with my legs, during the course of a few weeks his expert manipulation has seen a 100% improvement.

His cheerful professional attitude helps to put you at ease so that you can explain your problems, he then sets out a course of treatment and thoroughly explains it at every stage.

I can recommend his services you will not be disappointed.

Bob Ibbotson. 

October 30th 2009

I first went to see Adam about two years ago with a frozen shoulder for which the doctor gave me painkillers. I was in absolute agony. For the first two weeks I attended twice a week for treatment from Adam and had great reduction in pain. The treatment then reduced to once a week and then fortnightly until once every twelve weeks just to keep on top.

At present I am attending with back problem due to arthritis and once again the pain is greatly reduced.

I would recommend Adam with confidence.

Maureen O’Hagan. Cleveleys.

Dear Adam,
Just to let you know I am very pleased with the result of the treatment you have given me with the problem of the stiffness of my back and shoulder, now much more comfortable.
I enjoyed the whole experience, in the most professional way you explained and conducted the treatment.
With many thanks and best wishes.
Age 90 6/12
Date of birth: 7.10.1921.




Hi Adam
I have been to see Adam now for a few years for various injuries mostly back, neck, Achilles heel and knees.
I have always found Adam most professional and excellent with his treatment and diagnosis.
I recently had a lot of trouble with my lower back and knees and was in agony (due I think to gardening of all things!!!) Adam was again as always brilliant and even after my first treatment I felt a lot better.
The Kinesio tape that he applied to my left knee has helped so much. I have used knee bandages in the past but have always found my knee ended up swelling even more and would have to take the bandage off in the end. I find with the tape it supports but your knee doesn’t feel like it is bound up.

My knee has improved so much and am in less pain which is such a relief.The most wonderful invention ever and am so glad Adam uses it. Plus was also very impressed to see a lot of athletes used it too at the Olympics!!!
I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who wants a caring therapist who deals with your problems very quickly and not at an exorbitant cost either.
Many Thanks

Carrie Ellis

To Whom It May Concern,

During January this year, I injured my right knee at a gym.  I have always been fairly fit, but, now in my 50s, I had determined, like many others, to improve my fitness levels, reduce my blood pressure etc., all very good intentions, by going regularly to a ladies’ gym which I enjoyed.

However, on this particular occasion, I jogged rather too enthusiastically from side to side on the jogging platforms and suffered the consequences.  My knee became very painful and swollen, shocking to me, because this was a first experience of this kind and made me realise how very precious knees are and how very much we take them for granted when working well and normally.

All in all, I visited the doctor’s three times, attended some physiotherapy sessions, had an MRI scan which showed a torn cartilage and some wear and tear, hired a ‘Knee-hab’ machine to help exercise the quad muscles back into some useful strength and generally applied the RICE technique when necessary (rest, ice, compression, elevation).  This went on until August, but I was determined to do what I could to get my knee back in good working order without having to have an arthroscopy – which might have been the next step if the knee continued to be troublesome.

I saw Adam’s advertisement in the Thornton List and decided to give him a try since knees were listed under the parts of the body which could be helped by Chiropractic. Adam read the report from the MRI scan, thoroughly examined my knee, which was still very noticeably swollen, although gradually improving mobility and strength wise.  He decided that the swelling needed to be reduced which would in turn reduce discomfort and aid the healing.  He used kinesio tape, a wonderful technique, much used by athletes and sports people of all disciplines.  Over a period of four weeks with the kinesio tape expertly applied and in place, the swelling came down and the knee was restored to normal proportions and mobility.  This meant that I could walk confidently into my appointment with an orthopaedic consultant (the follow up through my doctor to the MRI scan) who was able to discharge me.

Adam has also given my whole body a thorough ‘scanning’ to ascertain spinal flexibility and has been giving me ‘maintenance’ treatment with some ‘adjustments’ and massage to maintain optimum movement and pain free neck and back.  I would certainly recommend his very skilful, efficient and good humoured approach and wish him every success in his Coastal Chiropractic Clinic at St. Annes.  I have certainly benefitted from his treatment.

Carolyn Barnsley



Hi all,
I have known Adam over 10 years through my swimming and water polo activities with both of us both being members of local clubs. About seven years ago I developed a strain in my shoulder I tried a number of physiotherapists with little in the way of results to show from it.
When Adam joined my polo team I got talking to him about my problem and he invited me along for a consultation, that was two years ago. From day one I noticed a marked improvement with my shoulder and he has also looked after my back, which I had suffered with and had never been fully resolved even after visiting GP and hospital physio’s.
I still visit Adam for a regular “service” to keep everything in check. Adam’s knowledge of my particular sport has been invaluable in focusing in on the root cause of my problems and identifying the best possible treatment.
David Ormerod
Age 29.  27.03.12.

It was suggested by my swimming coach to visit a chiropractor as I had been getting a sore shoulder. Adam was recommended to my mum by another member of the club and I was booked in.
I had never heard of a chiropractor before and I was a little nervous but when I met Adam he made me feel comfortable and at ease, and the treatment improved my shoulder a great deal.
I now visit Adam once a month for treatment which allows me to swim without any pain. I enjoy visiting Adam as he is also a swimmer and we have a good chat about sport and lots of other things. I am really glad I took the treatment as it helped me a lot.
Thanks very much Adam
Joe Naylor aged 12 years

About 12 months ago, my son started to complain of pain in his shoulder.  At that time, he was attending swimming training 6 times a week and it was causing him a lot of discomfort resulting in him having to cut short his training sessions.
A club member recommended Coastal Chiropractic Clinic and as Adam himself is a swimmer, it seemed sensible to see if he could help.
From the first treatment there was an immediate improvement.  Twice weekly sessions continued and each time the manipulation seemed to relieve the painful shoulder.
Once the initial injury was under control the treatments were less frequent, but in order to maintain normal function, we attend approximately every 2 months.
I would definitely recommend chiropractic treatment; it has enabled my son to continue to participate in the sport he enjoys.



I visited Adam regularly throughout my entire pregnancy, his treatments were greatly appreciated and relieved a lot of discomfort I was suffering due to the sudden imbalance of weight and the resulting pressure felt by my body.

I suffered constant aches and pains in my shoulders and lower back and also in my chest towards the latter stages of pregnancy. Adam’s treatment came as a great relief and enabled me to continue working as long as possible, even after suffering previous back problems. I was also able to exercise regularly throughout my whole pregnancy, meaning I kept as fit and healthy as possible and had a speedy recovery after the birth.

Adam always took extra care to ensure both my bump and I were comfortable throughout and made me feel instantly at ease, even in my delicate state! I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone in the future.

Laura Kinley

Judith Hargreaves, 37, first started Chiropractic care after walking in needing an emergency consultation. Having suffered for many years with aches and pains, she now feels great. 'Adam helped straighten me up. I continued with Chiropractic care, and do my exercises advised by Adam, which has helped with daily life and also aided me during pregnancy".