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36 St. Andrews Rd South St. Annes, Lancashire FY8 1PS

Cockerham Triathlon (that I actually took part in!)

When we arrived on the day we were greeted with this view of the quarry that I had to swim in. It was muddy, very very very wet and windy. Not good!

Thankfully it cleared!

I started the event off with the swim in a murky, dark and cold quarry. It was a good fun actually. And I was chuffed to find out I was the fastest swimmer of the day! I clocked 5.25minutes which I was happy with for a first time out door race.

Westy then had the cycle to do through cow pat filled fields and slippery roads. He did a solid ride in 36.27 minutes. He had a great time and liked the adventure of it all.

Dave was our saviour of the day. A team mate pulled out at the last minute with the race starting at 2. I called Dave at 11.45am, still cosy in bed over in St. Annes, asking him to race for us! He accepted my challenge and ran 27.37 minutes in muddy off road conditions through fields and on road. It certainly woke him up!

We came 15th overall but 5th out of all the teams.